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    This domineering travel App is offering travellers a wide range of travel means in ground and air passengers transfers, all class types available,
    from cars and luxury Carrier Vans, coaches and boats, to Lear Jets and Helicopters.

    Road Passenger Transfers with Driver

    We offer our users an invaluable experience of all classes and types of

    • Private Transfers -Ride Now or Ride Later:

      Hire a car or a luxury Van and commute in the most convenient way around the city, by choosing the most affordable price with best possible car of a wide variety of offers received on the spot at your fingertips.

    • Shuttle Transfers - Private or Shared:

      Move from or to the airport/port/station to your hotel or any spot with brand new Luxury Vans, at a low cost through our Share Shuttle feature.

    • Group Transfers:

      Luxury Coaches with Wi-Fi and other amenities could be hired at the best possible price to transfer large groups of people like weddings seminar groups, excursion groups, school excursions, event transfers.

    Aviation Transfers

    Enjoy Private Aviation Services at the most affordable way with new features taking private aviation to an extra mile, ideal for busy and frequent travellers, as well as for those who even periodically want to live the experience of such a unique service, in the most affordable manner with Empty Lear Jet or Share my Lear Jet features.

    • Private Lear Jet & Helicopter for One Way and/or Round-Trip Hires.

      Hire a Private Lear Jet, Helicopter or even Passenger Jets (i.e: for larger groups teams or athletic events etc) at the most affordable price. As an intermediate agent, we collaborate with all the major and lead players of the field, so your request is sent to them all at once and we strike the best deal for you at this current moment and most importantly in the most secure manner, having all the transactions secured under our management and processing, offering the travellers or organisers a peace of mind.

    • Share my Lear Jet:

      Users can place their travel requirements and we will match them with other private share my jet plane availability that will meet their travel needs, allowing them to experience private aviation services by sharing jets with other business or other minded passengers.

      This enables companies to make lower rate offers to us and to you respectively.

    • Empty Plane Services:

      A big loss for the private aviation companies is when a plane returns from a designated destination, back to its base completely empty. Commonly agreeing that this is a waste of space, energy and money, we decided to do something about this waste that all parties could benefit from something in return. So, we came up with Empty Lear Jet idea, where the private aviation companies place their empty planes availability dates in our data base, and we match them with empty Lear Jet & share my Lear Jet requests of our users. This feature allows users to travel with private planes at a discount rate, of up to 75% of the initial cost of such a service. Both parties can benefit from this feature, private air carriers by filling up empty plane seats, gaining something in return, while eliminating empty plane travelling cost by offering the service, with a huge discount to other travellers that would like to travel that day, rather than travelling all the way back emptyhanded. Here we make this service affordable reality for both parties.

    • Hire a Charter Plane

      With this feature big groups like football teams, national athlete teams, seminar groups, weeding groups, schools and educational groups, music festival, athletic event organisers and other big event organisers can receive unbeatable offers for private air travelling in large groups by chartering a passenger plane at the best possible price. We partnership only with all the leaders of the field, that will guarantee the best price for the availability given on that period, so large groups can travel all at once with no limitations in baggage gear and other equipment. Having the lower flying expenses and the comfort of privacy both combined. Get a quote.